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In 2006, after 20 years of producing all brands of ICFs, Airlite Plastics Co. introduced the Fox Blocks ICF brand as the latest generation of insulated concrete form available from the manufacturer to the market. By being a top-notch plastics company, Airlite delivers one of the highest ratios of recycled plastics weight to foam content in the industry - all at a competitive cost. Fox Blocks ICF builds are far superior to the standard structure in energy efficiency because of the thermal mass of the wall assembly. A Fox Blocks ICF building envelope keeps heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. Our ICF walls are insulated with a solid surface of continuous insulation on the inside and outside wall surfaces, eliminating air infiltration and heat transfer issues. A Fox Blocks design offers an extremely quiet environment with substantially reduced sound transmission between the outdoors and your indoor environment, providing you with a calm, quiet, healthy, safe and comfortable setting. Airlite Plastics acquired TRUEGRID on April 15, 2019, adding the permeable paving grid system to its line of environmentally sustainable building products. TRUEGRID high-performance pavers control runoff, create less thermal pollution and reduce waste for landfills, among other ecological benefits. Made of post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene, the pavers have revolutionized the construction industry with versatility, attractiveness and 100% permeability. TRUEGRID® pavers eliminate or reduce your detention pond and utilize more of your land for revenue. In addition, TRUEGRID® is a proper solution for stormwater management and meeting impervious cover codes. HS20 rated for heavy loads and traffic, including trucks and RVs, TRUEGRID® is fast and easy to install. Drive on the surface and store stormwater below in the subbase: Maintenance-free, 40-year + life. Aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to support heavy loads and traffic, TRUEGRID® works in all soils and climates. Millions of square feet of TRUEGRID® pavers have been installed across the USA. Commercial and industrial parking lots are ADA accessible, fire lanes, access roads, and numerous self-storage, RV, and boat storage sites. Save land, time & money with the TRUEGRID® permeable paving system.
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