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Building owners, facility managers and service providers at all levels face escalating demands for action in the areas of energy conservation, resource management, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The range of technologies for facility optimization and productivity are growing rapidly both in terms of the number of options and the complexity of the individual options. SES shops the globe for innovative, effective and proven technologies that can be applied to the Canadian market. The offering we have assembled includes best-in-class for many technological sectors. These products can be easily adapted and incorporated into new and existing buildings and many offer opportunities for energy savings and operational efficiencies. Review our information on the various technologies and programs and the websites of our partners and contact us to tailor our solutions to your needs or find you one that meets your individual requirements. SES is part of Sustainable Resources Management Inc. that includes relationships with other consultants and engineers that use these these innovative and exciting sustainable solutions where applicable and in the best interests of the clients. Follow Us! Request a Consultation
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